Attorney Bitcoins Barcelona: Bitcoins Barcelona

    Fàbregas Advocats Associats team has specialized attorneys in bitcoins that have extensive experience in the dynamics of traffic of digital currency and that for years have been paying, steadily, legal advice and assistance to major distribution organizations and receiving bitcoins in Spain.

    The difficulty of this practice area stems from the lack of regulation in the Spanish legal system. Therefore, especially in this area, it is essential to have attorneys in the market for bitcoins that have sufficient legal knowledge to go cross and analogically to other legal institutions regulated and thus ensure the security of economic transactions with bitcoins.

    The constant change of direction and market digital currency rends requires our team of attorneys specialized in bitcoins, or Bitcoins Lawyers as they are called in English culture, to bet strongly on innovation, creativity and updating knowledge . Consequently, our legal counsel has been rated by our customers as a first class service. In addition, the prestige of our law firm bitcoins specialists with over 25 years of industry experience, enables us to ensure an exclusive deal that will bring added value to live up to their expectations.

    Finally, sometimes it has been associated money laundering bitcoin, why the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network US (FinCEN) or the Securities and Exchange Commission have tightened control over the currency. In Fàbregas Associates, our lawyers in bitcoins work closely with the prosecutor and criminal department of the firm to ensure that its operations comply with all legal requirements. Specifically, our tax legislation, bitcoin is considered by the Tax Agency as a subject but exempt from VAT commercial effect, an aspect to consider in everyday use.


    It is an evidence recognized by the European Parliament itself that a “perfect storm” of technologies is emerging. Its impact is changing the way businesses operate and ultimately the performance of the European economy.

    Much of this revolution Bitcoins success is due to receiving strong support from large multinationals like Google.

    The cryptocoins represents a technological trend that undoubtedly is forcing change the way we understand financial services. Specifically, the Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency that works independently of a central bank and uses encryption techniques to regulate their generation and thus verify the transfer of funds. In addition, transactions are anonymous and do not allow traceability. Thus, the “owner” of a bitcoin is in charge of recording the transaction, using a pseudonym in the book and decentralized public accountant called Blockchain, which ensures the security and transparency of the financial transaction.

    So, there is no international financial institution which provides direct control over the currency but the regulation of Bitcoin is exercised by a mathematical protocol may be amended only by a process of consensus.

    Bitcoin advantages

    The advantages of Bitcoin respect to any other currencies are obvious, allowing be transferred directly from person to person via the Internet, similar to an email and without going through a bank or other intermediary, avoiding commissions and allowing can international transactions performed totally free way.

    Your bitcoins are stored in a digital wallet located on your computer or on your mobile device, because different applications that allow this possibility exist today.

    How to transactions are made?

    Bitcoins transactions are safe and really simple. When we create a Bitcoin wallet encryption we receive two keys: a public key or account number we will use to receive bitcoins and a private key that will be used to send them.

    Thus, to receive coins, we simply must facilitate public key or the QR code associated and, to send them, simply introduce the amount we want to pass on our virtual wallet and finally confirm the operation by placing your private key. In addition, the transaction will be reflected immediately in the income of the recipient and will automatically be incorporated into the Bitcoin network to be confirmed and added to the public ledger known as Blockchain.

    Foreign exchange

    At any time, there is a chance for bitcoins change our currency that interests us. Even progress is being made in the ability to incorporate payment processors that allow instantly convert bitcoins received by currency.

    On the other hand, bitcoins safety is something that will depend on the type of wallet you use, it is necessary to have specialized personnel to advise you.