Although there are multiple meanings we can say that we talk about citizenship if we refer to the existence of a group of people linked by a number of common factors of a personal nature.

    Each state has a wide discretion to determine what people flaunt their nationality, or put another way, to set the legal criteria on which it is required and who are its nationals who cease to be.

    SERRA LABORAL CONSULTING has since its inception with specialized professionals with extensive experience in this particular plot of law with sufficient expertise to offer advice tailored to the rigorous environment of constant change that has been experienced in this area in recent years.

    This department works together with other professionals to provide business group in each of the services an integral and adapted to the social reality able to offer additional value-added vision.

    Considering most applications are rejected for failure to comply with any of the requirements, it is necessary to bet on specialists to guide you in each of the stages of processing.

    Our job is to understand, advise and solve the complexities that involve handling processes in order to find the best results, taking into consideration the circumstances and needs of each person.

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