The practical importance of International Law has grown exponentially in recent years at the hands of the internationalization of society and the market. Private relationships between people from different countries have been anecdotal than usual and thus, international law has ceased to be a set of hosted rules in the Preliminary Title of the Civil Code, to establish a normative framework of international conventions, regulations European and domestic standards, relatively large and complex.

    To make matters worse, the Spanish State belonging to the European Union has caused today coexistence of two legal systems that affect us directly:

    • Order of the European Union composed of primary law rules (eg treaties) and secondary legislation (eg regulations and directives), and the acts of application of such standards (eg administrative acts)
    • National legislation: composed of standards (hierarchically ordered: Constitution, laws, regulations), and acts implementing such rules (ie. administrative acts).
      Fàbregas Advocats did not want to stay out and therefore, since its inception, has had great specialists in public and private international law that have adapted to the changing environment that has been experienced this branch of law.

    This professional area holds advisory services on foreign investments in Spain or vice versa, merger and transnational acquisition of companies, international recruitment, management of litigation to supranational bodies and project management (business plan, negotiation and request for subsidies European Union).

    The International Law and the European Union team participate actively from other issues of substantive and procedural law involved adding value to other disciplines of the business group and offering essential to ensure the necessary coordination between national law and international international vision.