We call Litigation the civilized channel search and realization of the right.

    The structure of procedural protection system corresponds to three reference points: the parts, the courts and trial. The interaction of these three elements is chaired by the procedural guarantees established in the Constitution.

    Fàbregas Advocats has a team of nationally renowned specialists in civil protection, criminal and administrative court proceedings and legal advice as providing both preventive advice and assistance in all types of courts in our jurisdiction.

    Among the values of the office is the promotion of alternative methods of dispute resolution such as mediation, conciliation and arbitration, replacing the traditional judicial system, often offer more efficient results for the client, reducing time, risks and costs.

    In addition, our professionals operate seamlessly judicial and arbitral seat, an aspect that is reflected in our results.

    Defending the interests of our customers, every day we work with a team of preliminary management for the recovery of unpaid bills of large companies that are responsible for developing preliminary reports aimed at recovery and research and solvency of individuals and companies.


    Honesty is our hallmark therefore lend achieve a realistic and comprehensive advice, covering all environmental factors. In addition, we know first hand different sectors of activity and particularly have great experience in banking, telecommunications, energy, construction, real estate, infrastructure, finance, consumer goods and pharmaceuticals, among others.