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    We talk about labor law, labor law or social law to refer to that branch of law whose principles and legal norms aimed at the protection of human work freely, whether employees, as employees and in return for payment.

    SERRA LABORAL CONSULTING employs staff with a team of specialists in labor law and social security able to provide comprehensive legal advice in all matters relating to this ​​practice area. This department works closely with the Labour Management team and is involved in proceedings before the Social Courts, Meeting Social of High Courts of Justice, National Court, Supreme Court and Constitutional Court.

    In addition to legal representation before the Social Jurisdiction and before the Jurisdiction Administrative procedures labor-related and social security, we provide advisory services, representation and legal assistance in inspection processes work, reconciliations to the CMAC, actions on layoffs, corporate restructuring, planning, negotiation and implementation of collective redundancies, voluntary redundancy, job layoffs and downsizing templates and collective suspensions and processing of pensions.


    Our goal is to provide a proactive, rigorous and tailored customer service, becoming your best allies to achieve their business success, responding tailored to the particular needs and problems of each of our clients.

    Our Services





    The management of work contracts and successive extensions.

    Highs and lows in Social Security.

    Preparation of Social Insurance (TC1 and TC2).

    Communications with Treasury of S.S (Red System and direct liquidation Siltra).

    Preparation of payroll, extra payments, settlements and settlements.

    Possibility of personalized delivery to each worker, calculation of arrears and special payroll.

    Payroll accounting summary.

    Agreement Updates and Arrears.

    Quarterly or monthly RPF (110 or 11) and annual summary (190).

    Certificates of retention and familiarization of workers.

    Study of costs prior to hiring.

    Contractual subsidies.

    Model of payroll bank transfers and various analyzes.

    Ordinary and extraordinary deferments of quotas to the S.S.

    Processing of low and high parts due to illness or accident.

    Control absenteeism.

    Specials of the S.S, (Responsible for trade, freelancers, artists, mining, etc.).

    Sanctions and disciplinary dismissals.

    Objective dismissals (economic, structural and organizational causes).

    Planning and control of Preventive activity (occupational risks).

    Recruitment of personnel.

    Personal interviews.

    Consultants in selection.

    Other areas

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