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    The prestige and recognition Fàbregas & amp; Associats is due to largely degree of specialization in civil law.

    The importance of the civil courts as the axis of relations between individuals and as a subsidiary matter from other legal systems, makes transcendental allocate highly qualified personnel to study this matter. Therefore, Fàbregas Advocats has made a great effort to recruit a team that combines experience, talent and innovation.

    Specifically, this practice area is on the property and the obligation the main focus of study and is responsible for analyzing the obligations and contracts arising as a link rights of people, contractual and tort liability, property rights (property rights use and enjoyment, warranty claims etc), leases, condominiums, property management, as well as, among other things, violations of the right to honor, personal and family privacy and personal image.



    Thanks to the multidisciplinary nature of the office, the area of civil law works in coordination with other departments of the firm to provide a comprehensive, rigorous and quality service, tailored to specific needs and oriented to the search for global solutions and full customer satisfaction.

    Our civil law team is integrated into the procedural law team to provide a judicial or court settlement in cases of failure or damage to the customer.

    In addition, the office is able to deliver their services anywhere in the country and fully involved in the results, making all kinds of efforts to ensure peace of mind.

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