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    Traditionally it has been called commercial law to special private law whose essential object the employer, the legal status of this and the activity carried out in the market. However, at present commercial law is much more than private law merchant and commercial activity, as it requires knowledge of the changing reality of the globalized legal traffic.

    Fàbregas Advocats has managed to recruit the best specialists in the field and currently has a team that combines experience, talent and innovation. In addition, the group integrates the commercial department is nationally recognized for its results, providing service to large banks, multinationals, banks and individuals from different parts of Spanish territory.

    The experience of this department focuses on corporate law and includes the incorporation of companies, modification of bylaws, mergers and takeovers; dissolution and liquidation of companies and shareholders agreements.

    In addition, the team has extensive experience in the acquisition and control of shares and shares, Join Ventures and strategic alliances, corporate restructuring, preventive corporate legal audits and contract law (contract of sale, lease, loan, agency, distribution and franchising , leasing, etc.)

    Included in this branch of law, Fàbregas Advocats has extensive experience in the intervention of bankruptcy proceedings and intellectual property, patents and trademarks as well as competition law, advertising law and insurance law.



    Fàbregas Advocats bet deeply by the court settlement as the most effective and beneficial to resolve conflicts arising as a result of legal traffic measure. However, it is sometimes irremediable go to the courts, and that is why we have a specialized team that ensures global solutions to specific problems, both in commercial law and procedural law.

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    Partnership agreements.
    Corporate structural modification.
    Fusions and acquisitions.
    Due diligence.

    Commercial leases.
    Agency agreement.
    Distribution contract.
    Bank contracts.
    Transport contracts.

    Bankruptcy competitions.
    Credit recoveries.

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