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    Criminal law is one of the existing means of social control in modern societies. As all means of social control, it tends to avoid certain social behaviors that are deemed undesirable, going for it the threat of imposition of different penalties for the event that such conduct is made.

    As a result of new situations living modern societies in terms of harmfulness of legal goods, the traditional criminal law has been experiencing an expanding phenomenon that has given rise to modern criminal law. In this context the criminal liability of legal persons for criminal behavior arises.

    Is a national reference in economic criminal law and has a specialized and highly qualified team able to adapt to the demands of today’s complex environment equipment. It also has specialists in law enforcement or corporate compliance with experience in implementing crime prevention plans to avoid criminal liability for your company.

    Also, our experience focuses on crimes against property and against the socioeconomic order (punishable contests; offenses relating to the market and consumers, corporate crime, etc.), crimes against the Treasury, crimes against liberty (threats, coercion, illegal detentions, etc.), crimes against privacy, the right to self-image and the inviolability of the home, social security crimes, crimes against the rights of workers., crimes against traffic safety, falsehoods, crimes against family relations and crimes against honor.

    Traditionally Fàbregas Advocats has been providing advice on criminal law both foreign and domestic companies and individuals, adapting to the needs of our customers and offering a comprehensive service that covers all matters relating to the business and that ensures full satisfaction customer.

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