Lawyers Office Barcelona: Family Law and Inheritance

    Fábregas Advocats Associats has a long career in the field of family law and inheritance and has a highly qualified team led by the responsible / partner Isabel Battle Copé

    The philosophy of the Family Department is trying, above all, establish through personalized advice from experts in the field, legal avenues for friendly and peaceful conflict reduction in family processes.

    We carry out tax and commercial studies to separation or divorce by mutual consent in order to study the problem and its consequences. In addition, we have the cooperation of lawyers specializing in tax and business law.

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    Mutual agreement divorce.
    Contentious divorce.
    Divorce appeal.
    Modification of measures.
    Execution of sentence.
    Controversy in parental authority.
    Keep custody.
    Pension food.
    Visiting schedule.
    Extraordinary expenses.
    Compensatory pension.
    Financial compensation for work reasons.
    Settlement economic regime of acquisitions.
    Use of family housing.
    Real estate adjudication.
    Family debts.
    Marriage contract.
    Child abduction.
    Filiation and paternity.

    Judicial divorce litigation.
    International judicial competence mutual divorce agreement.
    International judicial competence parental measures.
    Applicable law parental measures.
    International marriage economic regime.
    Applicable law parental measures.
    Recognition and enforcement of international judgments.
    International child abduction.
    Adoptions / Guardianships.

    Maltrato físico.

    Maltrato psicológico.

    Physical abuse.
    Psychological abuse.
    Protection measures.
    Civil measures of family.
    Visiting regime meeting point.
    Coercions Threats Injuries.
    Vexation Patrimonial crimes.
    Revelation of secrets.
    Nonpayment of alimony.
    Family abandonment.
    Child abuse.
    Abuse vulnerable person of coexistence.

    Extension and rehabilitation of parental authority.
    Control of annual accounts.
    Non-voluntary placement.

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