Barcelona Law firm: Law of New Technologies

    Our firm currently has professionals specialists who provide all kinds of advice on matters relating to the law of new technologies, Media and Telecommunications.

    The team is composed of lawyers and economists and is recognized statewide for providing, in a pioneering way, legal and economic advice on the market of bitcoins (Open source P2P money). Every day, experts in this field are working closely with other departments of the firm to provide a service that meets satisfactory way all customer needs.

    Our Services




    Comprehensive advice to entrepreneurs and Startups.
    Creation of Legal Structure / Constitution of Society.
    Legal analysis of business model.
    Financing processes.
    Investment agreements with business angel and venture capital.
    Protection and registration of marks.
    Internet advertising and contracts.


    Electronic contracting.
    Right of consumers.
    Smart contract.
    Regulatory compliance with cookies.
    Electronic signature services and certified digitalization.
    Internet advertising and contracts.

    Collaborative economy regulation.
    Intellectual and Industrial Property.
    Analysis of technological risks.

    Smart Contracts.

    Blockchain implementation.

    Legal and tax advice.

    Implementation of new technologies in the company as a business environment.
    Electronic Commerce.
    Implementation of Marketplaces and payment gateways.
    Audit of websites.
    Legal notices.
    Certification Entities Electronic signature.
    Intellectual property.
    Computer programs, Databases.
    Computer and telematic contracting.
    Data Protection.
    Preparation of Type Codes.
    Administrative procedures before the Spanish Agency for Data Protection and other competent entities.
    Domain Names

    Telecommunications Regime.
    Management of Qualifying Titles.
    Free competition.
    Defense of consumers and users.
    Telecommunications contracts.
    Administrative issues before the regulatory body (CMT) and other competent authorities.
    Public Domain Radio.
    “Universal Service”
    Interconnection and access.
    Number portability
    Common Installations, networks and telecommunications infrastructures.
    Public Domain Occupation.
    Administrative fees and authorizations.
    Protection of Personal Data and secrecy of communications.
    Competition Policies.
    Market studies.

    Broadcasting and television.
    Contests, Administrative Authorizations and other titles.
    Production contracts, cinematographic works, audiovisual works, radio and television programs, exploitation of script rights, direction, production and interpretation, distribution and exhibition contracts.
    Intellectual property.

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