"Our results are a reflection of our commitment to the customer"

With a great career, our experience and training allows us to offer a near and optimal advice designed to ensure the customer satisfaction.

Fàbregas & Associats

Our firm 01.

Fàbregas & Associats, advocats i consultors is a multidisciplinary firm with a strong presence in Catalonia for 25 years.

Values and Philosophy 02.

Our customer relations are based on closeness, trust, respect, ongoing support, commitment and transparency.

Comprehensive care 03.

We provide services advisory, consultancy and agency with the most modern computer management systems.


After more than 25 years we are one of the leaders in the field of legal services, consulting and agency nationwide.


The firm has several specialized departments, consisting of a large team of renowned professionals.


We provide a comprehensive, rigorous and quality service, with economic, technical and human resources to do so.


The synergies allow the firm to provide a cross-advice in all departments of the firm involved.

How can we help you?


Companies that compose Fabregas & Associats provide a technical service tailored to their specific needs. To do so, the office is divided into different departments with highly, qualified and specialized teams in the following practice areas:

Civil Law Attorney

The prestige of the firm is due to largely degree of specialization in civil law

Family Law Attorney

The firm has a long career in the field of family law and inheritance

Commercial Law Attorney

We have a team with extensive experience in matters of commercial law

Criminal Law Attorney

The firm has specialized professionals in the field of economic criminal law and law enforcement.

Labour Management

We offer a comprehensive and flexible service management and job processing for all types of companies

Labor Law Attorney

We offer legal assistance and legal advice in labor-related procedures

Fiscal – Accounting

We have specialists in taxation and accounting working to provide rigorous and comprehensive solutions

Attorney Bitcoins Barcelona

Bitcoins attorneys in Barcelona. We provide legal assistance for problems related to digital currency.
Our professionals

Technical Team

Fàbregas & Associats stands out among its competitors by training and experience technical team. The company currently consists of over 20 professionals working daily to offer fully integrated solutions tailored to their needs.

Some of our customers


Fabregas & Associats have different technical departments specialized in different economic sectors. For this reason, and because of our extensive experience, we now have a broad portfolio of clients ranging from multinationals to private individuals.