Joaquim Fàbregas i Pedrell

    Director Manager

    Founding partner of the firm and practicing lawyer, currently actively participates in…

    Isabel Batalla Copé

    Patner of family law and inheritance department

    Partner of the firm and the head of the family law and inheritance department, coordina…

    Managing partner of the firm and administrator of Carbonell Consultors, manages all mat…

    David Serra Salomon

    Socio Director

    Partner, Director and administrator of Serra Laboral Consulting, coordinates all matter…

    Our Experts

    Abogada especialista en Derecho de Familia, Derecho matrimonial canónico y Sucesiones

    Lawyer in practice and specialist in Commercial Law, Business Insolvencies and Economic…

    Lawyer in practice and specialist in Commercial Law, Business Insolvencies and Economic…

    Sergio Antón Muñoz

    Social graduated

    Manager and member of the Labor Law Department. In charge of the Immigration and Immigr…

    Àngel García Domingo

    Technical Director

    Specialist in administration and finance

    Specialized in labor processes and personnel management

    Member of the Legal Department of Accounts and responsible for the daily management of…

    Specialist in tax advice and taxation

    Xavier Delpueblo Olivé

    Responsible for accounts

    Specialist in taxation and financial analysis

    Member of the labor department, responsible for accounts and Social Security specialist

    Mara Sánchez


    Account manager and member of the labor department. Wide experience as account manager…

    Jordi Codina Yáñez

    Accounting Department

    Statistics specialist in accounting

    Mariona Fàbregas i Puerto

    Paralegal Department

    Paralegal Department

    Celeste Álvarez Ramos

    Accounting department

    Accounting and Administration Manager

    Patricia Guirado García

    Labor Management

    Labor Management

    Marta Bach Guillamon


    Head of Administration and Management Secretary of CARBONELL CONSULTORES ASSOCIATS.

    Josep Àngel Mulet

    Computer consultant

    Computer and human resources consultant from the labor department

    Xavier Perramon Pellicer

    Accounting Department

    Specialist in Administration and Finance

    Anna Diaz-Heredero

    Office Manager

    Administrator and Secretary of Management