Isabel Batalla Copé

    Patner of family law and inheritance department


    • Managing Partner at Fàbregas Advocats Associats
    • Lawyer with over 25 years of experience
    • Head of the Family and Inheritance Department
    • Specialist in Family Law and Successions (separations, divorces, unmarried couples, claims paternity, adoptions, guardianships, welcomed, children, disabilities, wills, inheritances, procedures for the division of inheritance and legitimate claims)
    • Domestic Violence issues specialist.



    • Collegial at Bar Association of Barcelona
    • Member of the Section of Marriage and Family Law at Bar Association of Barcelona
    • Course about Marriage Law by ICAB
    • Course about New procedures in Family Law by ICAB
    • Course about Catalan Family Code and Stable Unions Law by ICAB
    • Course about Non-marital Unions by ICAB
    • Course about Urban Lease Law by ICAB
    • Members of the SCAF, Catalan Society of Family Lawyers



    • Law degree from the University of Barcelona
      • Títol d’especialista en Dret matrimonial per l’ICAB
      • Curs sobre Nous Procediments en Dret de Familia per L’ICAB
      • Curs sobre el Codi de familia i la Llei d’Unions Estables en la Parella per l’ICAB
      • Curs sobre les Unions de Fet per l’ICAB
      • Curs sobre la llei d’arrendaments urbans per l’ICAB



    • Catalán (Native or bilingual competition)
    • Spanish (Native or bilingual competition)
    • English (Full professional proficiency)



    • Inheritance Law
    • Family Law
    • Procedural Law